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  1. Jamshaid Khan

    Jamshaid Khan

    Tum islam k nam pr dhba ho..american product ho…tum takfiri sirf musalmano ki gardan katny k liey wajud main lay gay ho

  2. Fayaz Buzdar

    Fayaz Buzdar

    Jhudad astrart israel farst I m saport

  3. Rasta Fish

    Rasta Fish

    So this is a national newspaper quoting Al Qaeda & calling future terrorists as ‘Mujahid Brothers’ ?

  4. Ikram Mohammed

    Ikram Mohammed

    برما ایک نیا افغانستان بننے جا رہا ہے ۔

  5. Fayaz Buzdar

    Fayaz Buzdar

    Tum pahly Israel karo hum sub Pakistani tuhmhary suth chly gy

  6. Shah


    O bhai maulana Fazul ur Rehman or jin religious parties ne maryum nawaz ki support krni ha on ko z…

  7. Tahsin Sajjad

    Tahsin Sajjad

    That’s not Europe,where u can easily zlaughter christians. This is MYANMAR..
    ….And what’s going on there iz called Buddhist Version Of Jihad

  8. Syed Shahzaib Hassan

    Syed Shahzaib Hassan

    These America and Israel made terrorists and khwarijs have nothing with islam they only slaughter muslims and destroyed the face of Islam in world.

  9. Raja Waqar

    Raja Waqar

    Pakistan have no thing n relationship with al Qaeda.. Pakistani are peace ful ppl

  10. Sajjad Hussain

    Sajjad Hussain

    Admin are you terrorist? You are promoting terrorist organization. These peoples are terrorist not Mujahideen

  11. Mihir Khula

    Mihir Khula

    Fuckoff and leave Pakistan out of it.

  12. Fahd Shah

    Fahd Shah

    You can only kill innocent muslims in bazaars ….. myanmaar is a place for warriors and real jihad…. Al Qaeda and ISIS are puppets dancing on money

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