China to raise Afghan Military Brigade in Afghanistan, equip and mantain Base

China to raise Afghan Military Brigade in Afghanistan, equip and mantain Base

KABUL - General Mohammad Radmanesh, an Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman, has echoed China's high-ranking military officials who denied reports about the creation of a Chinese military base in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanesh told Sputnik that efforts are under way to form a brigade and logistics for the Afghan military rather than a base for Chinese servicemen in the north-eastern province of Badakhshan.

"Earlier, the Afghan Defense Minister visited China to discuss the creation of a brigade in Badakhshan. China expressed its readiness to cooperate [with Afghanistan <link>] on technical equipment and maintenance of the base, as well as on other issues.

There is no question of creating a Chinese military base in Badakhshan," Radmanesh said.

Afghan political analyst Bashir Bezhan, for his part, told Sputnik that there are several factors behind China's willingness to support Afghanistan <link> .

"First and foremost, China seeks to protect itself from the threat emanating from terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan," he said.

Also, China is concerned about the current US presence in Afghanistan <link>and the goals that Washington wants to accomplish in the region, according to him.

Additionally, Bezhan recalled that a major global economic player, China pursues economic goals when it comes to its cooperation with Afghanistan.

"Long-standing relations between immediate neighbors Afghanistan and China also add to Beijing's drive to back Kabul," he concluded.