Afghan MoD blasts Army soldiers over poor show in recent Kabul attacks

Afghan MoD blasts Army soldiers over poor show in recent Kabul attacks

KABUL - The Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Tuesday said the soldiers who were deployed at the entrance gate of the 111th Division of the Afghan National Army in Kabul should have killed all five suicide attackers before they climbed the perimeter wall of the military unit.

The military unit, alongside the Marshal Fahim Military Academy, was breached on Monday morning. A gunfight between insurgents and security forces lasted five hours and resulted in the death of 11 military personnel.

Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said the guards – deployed from the army unit – failed to do their jobs properly.

“We accept that they (insurgents) should have been killed before they reached the wall. But unfortunately they reached the wall and started their operation. Then our brave soldiers did not let them enter among the soldiers to detonate their explosives. Otherwise, hundreds of soldiers would have lost their lives,” Waziri said.

This was the third major attack in Kabul in the past 10 days – after insurgents first held the Intercontinental Hotel under siege for over 15 hours and also detonated an ambulance laden with explosives close to Chicken Street in the heart of the city on Saturday. At least 103 people were killed in this incident.

Former military officers said these attacks in the capital have undermined the security agencies’ efforts to ensure the safety of the people.

“Security forces should be fully prepared, especially when there is a big meeting in Afghanistan and for the benefit of the country. Because in these times the enemy doubtless will attack,” former military officer Atiqullah Amarkhail said.

The Interior Ministry said they have a new plan to assess security vulnerabilities that have led to these deadly attacks.

“They (insurgents) carry out inhuman activities in different ways. We have taken serious actions to prevent such activities,” Interior Ministry’s deputy spokesman Nusrat Rahimi told TOLOnews.

So far this month, Afghan cities have witnessed numerous attacks, which former military officers believe increased following Washington’s pressure on Pakistan.

Early on Monday morning, five suicide attackers managed to approach the wall of the military unit in Qambar Square in Kabul’s PD5 and by putting a stepladder against the wall launched an attack on the battalion.