Why 5500 security personnel failed in Faizabad sit-in operation

Why 5500 security personnel failed in Faizabad sit-in operation

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Police has submitted a report regarding the failure of the crackdown on the protesters of Tehreek-e-Labbaik at Faizabad Interchange in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Samaa reported.

According to details, the report clearly stated that the law enforcement agencies could not achieve the objectives laid out by them and the protesters of the religious provoked their religious sentiments.

“Religious sentiments of the men deployed for operation were provoked by the protesters through their speeches, thus making them a hurdle in effective utilisation of men,” the report stated.

The report further mentioned, “Police force was fatigued due to prolonged deployment for last many days. Mixed deployment of different forces i.e. FC and Rangers also had negative effects on productivity.”

The law enforcement agencies stated that demonstrators were armed with weapons, masks, shells stones and axes.

“Initially tear gas and water canon were used but in response the protesters resisted and assaulted the police with batons and axes, while pelting them with stones. They were also armed with tear gas and used it upon police force,” the report read.

“Due to severe resistance by the protesters, there was an apprehension of loss of lives so the operation was stopped for some time and force was reassembled to seal all incoming roads and streets so that another attempt could be made with full preparation,” it further mentioned.

Disclosing statistics, the report stated that 5508 security personnel equipped with anti-riot equipment was deployed at the interchange. Over 170 were injured in the clash while not a single government employee or any other person was killed in the crackdown.

The report stated, “The operation was carried out with proper preparation but due to the strong resistance by the protesters and reinforcements by the workers of TLYRA from nearby areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the operation was stopped temporarily to avoid any causality.”

The report added, “But upon receipt of information by the competent authority that the countrywide protests had started and problems were occurring in maintaining law & order throughout the country, the operation was stopped as in the developing situation, the government decided to resolve the issue through negotiations in the best interest of the country.”

It is pertinent to mention that at least five people were killed and 150 people sustained when security forces locked horns with activists of Tehreek-e-Labbaik in different parts of the coountry.