Pak-China delegates discover business opportunities

Pak-China delegates discover business opportunities

LAHORE: (APP) An entrepreneurs delegation from China, headed by Liu Jiang (Michal) CEO ST. Fulin Group Co. Limited, project head of Sino-Pak International Logistic Complex, China, Tuesday visited Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) to discuss business opportunities.

The delegation met FPCCI Regional Standing Committee on Mines & Mineral, Chairman Raja Hassan Akhtar and proposed backup solutions and the solar PV systems to run small and medium enterprises and industries in Pakistan.

On this occasion, Raja Hassan said that China had been playing a significant role in economic development of Pakistan. "Lahore has a special significance being the hub of business activities in the Punjab. Both public and private sector organisations are striving hard to fully exploit the trade and investment potential of the Punjab in collaboration with foreign investors," he mentioned.

He said that China would be their first choice for joint ventures and hoped that cooperation between two countries would bring greater fortune for both.

In the present economic scenario when Pakistan was facing energy crisis and needed foreign investment to get out of this situation, he added, the need and importance of high-level meetings between the heads of states could not be underestimated.

Raja Hassan said, "China is an important trading partner of Pakistan. It is the second largest importing country after United Arab Emirates and regarding top exporting countries of Pakistan, China comes at second place after the United States. Through developing private-to-private contacts, we can further strengthen our trade relations.

Private sectors of both countries need to interact on regular basis for exploring more avenues for trade expansion and opportunities for investments," he added.

While FPCCI Regional Standing Committee on Cottage Industry, Chairman Muhammad Yaseen highlighted various investment and joint ventures opportunities, and said that joint ventures with Chinese enterprises would facilitate vital transfer of technology as Pakistan was in need to upgrade value-addition process.

He said China was one of leading trade partner of Pakistan and had been playing significant role in the economic development of the country. The trade delegations not only enhanced trade and economic ties between the two countries but also a source of getting essence of investment opportunities so most important and right sector could be focused.

Liu Jiang (Michal), leader of the delegation, appreciated the role of FPCCI for economic development of the country, and said economic globalisation and regional integration had provided enormous opportunities for further cooperation between China and Pakistan. Both the countries were strongly associated together and their mutual relations were based on solid foundations, he maintained. He added Pakistan was an ideal destination of foreign investment and top priority of Chinese investors.