CPEC : A game changer from Central Asia to Middle East

CPEC : A game changer from Central Asia to Middle East

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Raja Farooq Haider Khan on Monday said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would be rolling up as game changer not only for people of Pakistan but for the whole region ranging from Central Asia to the Middle East.

"It will open door to immense opportunities for Pakistan and will physically connect China to its market in Asia, Europe and beyond", he said while speaking here at CPEC Summit and Expo.

He said CPEC would act as a bridge for the maritime silk rout that envisaged linking three billion people in Asia, Africa and Europe-part of trans-eurasian project.

He added that Gawadar would promote the economic development of Pakistan and become a gateway for Central Asian Countries to undertake maritime transport.

The PM AJ&K said the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed enormous potential for development of hydro-power, eco-tourism, minerals, fisheries, water resources, horticulture and at the top a healthy human capital.

He said that the newly elected government of PML-N Azad Jammu and Kashmir envisioned a thought-out socio-economic development programme in the area encompassing certain key areas including good governance, consistency and continuity in economic policies and economic development through timely capitalization of abundantly endowed human and natural resources.

"The government is wishing to replicate the economi development agenda of PML-N in Azad Jammu and Kashmir region as well which would also bring in economic prosperity and good governance in Azad Jammu and Kashmir", he added.

Raja Farooq Haider said he was grateful to the government of Pakistan for inclusion of 1750 MW Kohala and Kerote hydro-power projects of Azad Kashmir into portfolio of CPEC projects.

He however said many more hydro-power projects of Azad Jammu and Kashmir were still waiting on capitalization through Pakistan government or external investments to overcome the looming energy crisis of Pakistan.

"We are confident and certainly eager to offer fullest utilization of hydro-power potential of Azad Jammu and Kashmir for illumination of our beloved country before year 2018", he remarked.

He said the Pakistan government during short span of time had taken gigantic development initiatives for improving the lives of people of Pakistan through building upon CPEC promoting bilateral connectivity and exploring potential bilateral investments throughout the world.

"The people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir are also genuinely expecting to be benefitted from the fruits of the CPEC projects like Gilgit Baltistan region and all provinces of the country", he said adding "We are located in the close vicinity of Pakistan-China Communication Network and needs to be considered for shared socio-economic development through Economic Corridor initiatives".