India has become a land of hatred and violence under PM Modi: Sonia Gandhi

NEW DELHI - Indian Congress leader Sonia Gandhi on Sunday said India had been turned into a land of falsehood, hatred, anger and violence since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister.

“The Congress leadership that fought for freedom envisioned a new India founded on values of truth, love and non-violence. But what has happened in the last four years? Today falsehood, hatred, anger and violence are the order of the day. Those who raise their voice against this face the wrath of the Modi government,” Sonia Gandhi told a huge rally here.

“The government takes parliamentary majority as a license to do whatever it likes. They think it is their right to crush any dissent. The democratic institutions were nurtured over 60 to 65 years. But ever since this government has come to power, it has left no stone unturned in weakening them,” she added. ADVERTISEMENT

Sonia Gandhi said that all this was being done at the behest of “an organisation that has a particular ideology”.

“Those who want to impose their whims instead of the rule of law, those who want to destroy the pluralistic culture of this country, we will have to fight against them together,” she said.

Terming the Modi government as “directionless and anti-people”, Gandhi said it had betrayed the people by making false promises.

“All the promises made by Modiji have turned out to be hollow and false. Modiji had said ‘Na khaunga na khane dunga’ (Neither will I take bribes, nor let others do). But corruption has increased,” she said.

The UPA leader said atrocities on women had increased so much that even little girls were not safe now and that housewives were having tough times managing household budget thanks to unchecked price rise.

“The judiciary is undergoing an unprecedented crisis. It’s difficult times for all of us and we will have to take it seriously and fight against it,” she said.

“Youths who were promised two crore jobs are still unemployed and they know they have been betrayed by Modiji.”