Two Nation theory is still alive: Masood Khan

Two Nation theory is still alive: Masood Khan

MIRPUR:AJK President Sardar Masood Khan said that Two Nation theory is still alive whereas India has not accepted partition of the sub-continent till date and is punishing the people of Kashmir in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) for
their demand to right for self-determination and their affinity with Pakistan.

The President made these remarks while addressing the Gold Medal Award ceremony organized by the Nazria Pakistan Council Trust (NPC) at Aiwan-e-Quaid, Fatima Jinnah Park on Tuesday.

President Masood Khan said that we are entrusted with the promotion and protection of Pakistan’s ideology. He said that there is urgent need to make determined effort to remove doubts, apprehensions and misgivings about the Two Nation Theory being spread by vested interests, especially after the secession of Bangladesh. He added that this nation was based on the tenets of Islam, created to ensure social justice and to promote peace in the neighbourhood.

The President said that India claims to be secular but the sizable population of Muslims living in India face severe discrimination, where their religious freedom has been curtailed.

Muslims are forced into conversion and they have been denied any convincing inclusive or participatory part in national decision making and legislation. He said this mindset is not only a recent product of the BJP government but has been prevalent in every political era in India.

President AJK said that we are indeed very fortunate to be living in a free country where every citizen enjoys unrestricted freedom in exercising his or her religion, beliefs, principles and culture. Highlighting the horrendous human rights conditions in IOK, he said that India has unleashed a reign of terror upon the Kashmiris, openly murdering, harassing, maiming, illegally incarcerating political activists and dishonouring womenfolk.

The innocent armed Kashmiris are being punished for raising their voice against the Indian occupation and demanding to exercise their right to self-determination.

The President urged that we must focus on making Pakistan a secure and an economically strong nation by encouraging a knowledge-based service-oriented economy. He hoped that Pakistan would be among the top 10
economic powers in the coming three decades.

He said we must invest heavily in our communication and media to help project the positive image of this great nation and raise the profile of the Kashmir issue. India has been trumpeting its lies and falsehoods through its media and misleading the world.

President Azad Kashmir also distributed NPC Gold Medals to various distinguished recipients who had displayed utmost service to Pakistan.

The event was also attended by Lt, General Nasir Khan Janjua, HI (M), National Security Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan; Dr. Naeem Ghani, Chairman NOC, Mian Javed, Vice Chairman NOC; Gauhar Zahid Malik, Executive Secretary NPC; academicians, scholars, senior members of the civil society and a large number of students from various schools, colleges and universities. APP/AFP