PTI Chairman vows to deliver with strengthening institutions

PTI Chairman vows to deliver with strengthening institutions

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has promised wide ranging reforms in all sectors focusing on foreign policy, national security, economy and education.

In his first public address since PTI grabbed a lead in the preliminary General Election results, Imran Khan  shared his vision for the country and pledged to safeguard the interests of ordinary citizens.

Imran Khan said he and his party envisioned creating a Pakistan that Jinnah dreamed of.

After a 22-year-long struggle, PTI Chairman said, he had finally been given the chance to implement the manifesto he had dreamed up over two decades ago.

He said PTI will set a precedence of supremacy of law. He said that in his new Pakistan, accountability will begin from him and his electoral representatives.

Imran Khan vowed to build the institutions that will rectify the system of governance of the country.

He pledged to safeguard the nation's taxes by decreasing of expenses. He said we will reform the tax culture, further fortify NAB and FBR.

He said PTI will create job opportunities for the young generation through acquainting them with the latest skills.

Imran Khan said special assistance will also be provided to the farmers and small businesses will be encouraged.

The PTI Chairman commended the people of Balochistan who came out to vote even after suffering terrorism. 

He hailed the elderly citizens, people with disability and oversees Pakistanis who cast their votes for strengthening democracy.

Imran Khan applauded security forces for maintaining law and order during elections. 

He also addressed outcry by opposition political parties that the elections had been rigged or manipulated, and promised to provide them the assistance required to investigate such allegations.

The PTI Chairman said their government will establish rule of law and there will be no political victimization. 

Referring to the foreign policy, he said Pakistan is a peaceful country and desirous of having cordial relations with all its neighboring countries.

He said relations with China will further be cemented. He said China Pakistan Economic Corridor project will attract investors in the country.

Imran Khan said Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and will continue to strive for this purpose.

He said we want mutually beneficial relations with America but no one way.

He said Pak-India good relations are panacea to alleviate poverty from the subcontinent. He said both the countries need to promote trade in the best interest of people.

He said Kashmir issue is a core issue that is required to be resolved at the earliest through dialogue. He said the basic human rights of the innocent Kashmiri people are being violated in Occupied Kashmir. APP