Govt. should speed up accountability process to eradicate corruption from the country: Analysts

Govt. should speed up accountability process to eradicate corruption from the country: Analysts

No country can make progress with wide spread corruption and we have examples of many African countries, which are rich in resources but could not develop due to large scale corruption. Ruthless punishments are imperative to eradicate corruption and given a lesson to those who misused their powers.

Pakistan is also facing hurdles in development because of the menace of corruption committed by previous rulers and political bigwigs. Despite of transferring Trillion of rupees to the provinces under NFC awards, the condition of the people did not change and people are still living under worst living conditions including poor health and worst education situation. Poverty is directly linked with corruption. The incumbent government is taking right steps to eradicate corruption but accountability process needs to be speed up.

The rulers of the previous governments spent a lavish life, looted the money of poor. Due to their self centered policies, the country came under the burden of huge debts and ultimately common man had to pay the price. The previous governments did not take any initiative for the welfare and development of the people rather used state institutions for their own interests.

Corruption causes poverty and inequality in the society. Panama leaks and JIT badly exposed the political bigwigs of the country.PTI led government is determined to eradicate the corruption and money laundering, convict the corrupt people and bring back the looted money. The incumbent government believes in serving the justice without any prejudice and discrimination. I appreciate the role of judiciary in conducting the fair trials without any political influence or pressure.

The economic development is directly linked with corruption free society. The international investors do not take risk to invest in the countries which have the menace of corruption and bad governance. Transparent accountability is imperative to attract international investors.

It was priority agenda of PTI manifesto to eradicate corruption and Prime minister Imran Khan seems determine to fulfill his promises. The government is heading in the right direction and taking concrete steps to bring back the looted money. Corruption not only destroys the economy but also portrays a very bad image of the country.

Pakistan has always played a very significant and positive role for regional peace and stability. Islamabad has always emphasized on the need of doing collateral efforts for peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan endorses and supports every initiative taken for regional peace.

The incumbent government of Pakistan is playing a significant role to bring Taliban on the dialogue table and resolve Afghan dispute through negotiations. Pakistan desires for a stable Afghanistan but we should avoid any commitment which is against our national interest. Pakistan has suffered huge losses in the war against terrorism and now international community should acknowledge our sacrifices and facilitate Pakistan to compensate its losses.

Pakistan's foreign diplomacy is working very actively. The global dynamics of politics are shifting from unilateral to regional centric. Pakistan is emerging as an important regional country and maintaining good bilateral ties with all regional powers. Pakistan is playing a very active and significant role for Afghan peace.

Regional stability and development is linked with peace and stability in Afghanistan. The United States has realized that negotiation is the ultimate and viable solution to Afghan dispute. It is responsibility of the United States to ensure stability in Afghanistan before complete withdrawal of forces.