Pervaiz Musharaf announces return back soon

Pervaiz Musharaf announces return back soon

ISLAMABAD: All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chairman Pervez Musharraf has condemned the brutal torture over protesting peasants at D-Chowk in front of Parliament House.

In a statement he said that the baton charge and tear gas shelling over the protesting peasants have exposed dictatorship of present regime under the veil of democracy. “During my tenure in the office, common man benefitted from the growth in economy and for the first time peasants and labourers economically prospered,” he added.

The APML chairman said that he will fight for the rights of peasants, labourers and marginalised segments of the society after returning to the country. Expressing his grief and sorrow over the incident of baton charge and tear gas shelling at protesting peasants, he said that those who champion the cause of democracy, exposed their dictatorial attitude and should feel shame for their exaggerated claims about democracy.

Public knows this fact that we empowered weak and poor segments of the society by introducing democracy at lowest level. During my government economic benefits reached to labourers and peasants and we announced special packages for the peasants.

He said that Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) government on the other hand badly exploiting the poor labourers and peasants who were back bone to the country's economy. He said that soon he will return to the country to fight for the rights of oppressed classes who were immensely suffering due to the prevalent conditions.