US President Biden appointed Saima Mohsin as new US attorney of Eastern state

US President Biden appointed Saima Mohsin as new US attorney of Eastern state

Earlier this week, the Biden regime link appointed Saima Mohsin as the acting US attorney for Michigan’s Eastern District.

Saima Mohsin will be taking charge of the post in an acting capacity following the resignation of incumbent Matthew Schneider. The prosecutor had resigned shortly after President Biden took over the presidency.

The US Justice Department said that Schneider’s last day as the United States Attorney will be February 1.

The US Justice Department said that Mohsin will “immediately assume office as Acting United States Attorney” under the Vacancies Reform Act.

Earlier, Mohsin was serving as the First Assistant United States Attorney since March 2018.

“She is a career prosecutor, having served in the US Attorney’s Office since 2002, and prior to that as a Deputy New Jersey Attorney General and an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan,” said the Justice Department.

Mohsin called the appointment a “great honour”.

“I am deeply committed to fulfilling our core mission to faithfully enforce the law and seek justice for all,” Mohsin was quoted in the press release.

*‘One of the finest federal prosecutors’*

According to the *Detroit Free Press* link, the Pakistan born lawyer will bring diversity to an important position.

The publication reported that Mohsin is a graduate of the Rutgers University link in New Jersey where she earned a bachelor’s degree and a law degree.

While outgoing attorney Schneider said he was “pleased” to leave the US Attorney’s Office for Eastern District of Michigan in Mohsin’s hands who he called “one of the finest federal prosecutors” he’s ever known.

“Saima is a dynamic trial lawyer and a talented manager. And, as the first woman, immigrant, Muslim United States Attorney in American history, her service is truly historic,” said Schneider. He is confident that the lawyer will be an “outstanding representative and defender” of the community.

Meanwhile, the two leaders with Muslim advocacy Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) told the *Detroit Free Press* that they were not aware of any US attorney or acting US attorney who has been Muslim.

“I do not believe that there has ever been a Muslim US Attorney,” Gaider Abbas told the *Detroit Free Press*.

The position of acting US attorney for which Mohsin has been named is not a permanent one and US laws allow judges to select an interim US Attorney.

Not only this, President Joe Biden could nominate someone to fill the position, which would have to be confirmed by the US Senate.

Saima Mohsin is the First Assistant United States Attorney for the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Michigan. Ms Mohsin is a career prosecutor with significant experience handling a broad variety of cases. She joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office in 2002 and has served in the Violent and Organized Crime Unit, the Drug Task Force, and the General Crimes Unit.

Ms Mohsin is also an instructor at the National Advocacy Center and frequently teaches Basic Trial Advocacy. Prior to joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Ms Mohsin served a Deputy Attorney General in the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice prosecuting complex organized crime cases, and as an Assistant District Attorney in New York City. Ms Mohsin received her Juris Doctor from Rutgers University School of Law in Camden, New Jersey, and her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.