Rangers to stay in Karachi till the will of its residents: Governor Sindh

Rangers to stay in Karachi till the will of its residents: Governor Sindh

KARACHI (APP): Pakistan Rangers - Sindh will remain present in Karachi till the residents of metropolis are desirous to have them around, said Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair.

Addressing a dinner organized as networking session by Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry here Monday night, he said Karachiites want continuation of peace as well as law and order in the cosmopolitan city.

With specific reference to surge in social, literary, cultural and political activities in Karachi, he said confidence is growing among people and they definitely want Rangers around till threats to their life and property is eliminated for good.

"Citizens, including the traders and industrialists, are fully cognizant of the role being played by Sindh Rangers towards improved security situation in Karachi," reiterated the Governor.

Muhammad Zubair said it was efficient coordination among the Rangers, Police and other law enforcing agencies that law and order could be restored and peace maintained.

"There is marked difference in the present day situation than what it used to be in 2013," said the Sindh Governor mentioning that till only a few years ago not a single investor was willing to be in Karachi.

He said all Karachiites are fully conscious of the facts that had landed their city to grave situation during past more than 20 years.

"While situation has improved in terms of law & order urgent measures have to be taken care of matters related to sanitation, water supply and world class civic facilities," said Sindh Governor.

He said rights of Karachiites to gain easy access to quality transportation, education, health alongwith updated infrastructure development cannot be denied.

Regretting that little attention was paid towards these issues, he said a comprehensive plan has been developed to address these.

Mentioning that the plan will soon be presented before the Prime Minister, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Sindh Governor said that he will also be approaching the Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah to ensure that the scheme is implemented with all stakeholders on board.

"Infrastructure development is key to the progress and prosperity of any city and its residents," he said responding to complaints registered by industrialists about pathetic road condition and poor communication in the areas around Bin Qasim area.

Governor of Sindh also assured that issue of gas load-shedding will also be addressed soon as work on one of the LNG terminal has already been completed while the second one is fast on its way to completion.

Chairman, Port Qasim Authority, Agha Jan Akhter, President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Chairman, Port Qasim Association of Trade and Industry, Bashir Jan Muhammad, President, Employees Federation of Pakistan, Majyd Aziz and other senior business leaders including FPCCI President, Zubair Tufail Yaseen Malik and Masood Naqvi were also present on the occasion.