Sexual harassment allegations against Singer Ali Zafar withdrawn

Sexual harassment allegations against Singer Ali Zafar withdrawn

LAHORE- In a new development the Sexual harassment allegations against Singer Ali Zafar have been withdrawn by the lady who levelled allegations the same evening when singer Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar.

The lady who previously stood against Ali Zafar in a harassment case has come forth in support of the Pakistani singer, apologizing to him for any trauma caused. She stated that she was shown proof which constituted the harassment claimer as a liar.

Along with the screenshot, she wrote that she had posted that tweet because the woman in question had described the harassment incident to her. However, the tweet that made the allegation was deleted within a day after new information about the incident was unveiled.“Last year, I tweeted when a young lady confided her harassment experience with Ali Zafar; I deleted it in a day when certain information was brought to my knowledge which contradicted her description of the incident to me.”

The screenshot of the Tweet attached was posted at 7:10 pm, the same evening when Meesha Shafi had accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment.

Sofi continued, “I am a victim of harassment & a MeToo supporter & inclined to by a woman’s account but sometimes our faith in people is misplaced. I regret the pain my naïveté & lack of impartial judgment has caused Mr Zafar & I hope this can make amends!”

Concluding her series of Tweets, Sofi said, “And for all the #MeToo supporters, we still need to support #MeToo & harassment victims but please don’t commit the mistake I made & do some research of the account told to you. Sometimes there r agendas at play which we only realize much much later!”

In April 2018, Shafi accused Zafar of harassing her on more than once. The Channo singer, however, denied the allegations and has since filed a defamation suit against her. The case is still ongoing in court.