KPK government sports reforms  

KPK government sports reforms  

PESHAWAR: (APP) The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports and Cultural Department has initiated a series of projects in province for promoting sports and recreational activities.

The present government has invested a significant amount for reforming this sector and to promote healthy activities for youth of the province.

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One of the significant project completed by the present government is the establishment of International standard hockey turf at Mardan Sports Complex at a total expense of Rs 67.69 Million said a hand out issued on Saturday.

The ground will not only help in promoting the national sport but will also provide the talented youth of the province to realize their maximum potential. The Hockey turf was completed by the present government on fast track basis making it the only international standard turf available in the province.

Moreover, Sports Kits worth 10 Million were distributed among players of different games for promoting healthy and recreational activities in the province. The Kits were purchased and distributed in a record three months' time.

The Sports and cultural department has also formulated Standing Operating Procedures for distribution of Sports Kits to ensure transparency and abolish favouritism.

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The SOPs have been sent to every district for implementation. A different set of SOPs have also been formulated for promotion and selection of talented players in order to abolish favouritism and provide opportunities to talented youth.

Additionally, preparations have been completed for conducting KP under 23 games in the province. 5000, male and female, players have been enlisted for different games.

As per details, players will compete in 15 different games in their respective divisional headquarters after which inter divisional games will be held in the provincial capital, Peshawar.

A budget of Rs 74 Million has exclusively been allocated for this event. Furthermore, the previous government had approved the construction of Abdul Wali Khan Sports Complex but its construction was delayed. However, the present government took the task to completion and ensured its completion in two years' time.

The Sports Complex is the largest of its kind second only to Qayyum Sports Complex in Peshawar.

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The present government has also completed the construction of 25 sports grounds whereas work on additional 33 grounds at tehsil level is in progress.

Under the initiative, a total of 75 grounds will be constructed which will provide tremendous help for promoting recreational and healthy activities in the province.

Management committees have also been formed for maintenance and look after of the completed grounds.

Another important project in this sector is the construction of shopping plaza at Qayyum Sports Complex costing Rs 80.5 Million. This project will help in generating revenue which will be utilized for promotion of sports and games in the province.