Pakistani Doctor Jan Alam invents Coronavirus medicine with 10 days recovery time

Pakistani Doctor Jan Alam invents Coronavirus medicine with 10 days recovery time

ISLAMABAD: Dr. Jan Alam, a Russia returned, Pakistani Scientist and Doctor of Medicine claimed to invent a medicine, which is a complete treatment of Coronavirus infection.

The medicine has been used by thousands of corona patients in Pakistan during last several months and successfully recovered form infections within 10 days. It was claimed by the Dr. Jan Alam, MD, PhD in Pharmacy and Technology of Medicine from Exford Educational Network Moscow, Russia during an interactive session with media in Islamabad today.

As per claim of several respectable Pakistanis, the medicine has been used by former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Javaid Main dad’s family along with thousands of other patients in Pakistan.

Zoom into: – Dr. Jan Alam, a Pakistani Russian Doctor of Medicine invented a medicine “Minerolyte Vir” a mineral based medicine manufactured through nanotechnology. The medicine is registered as general medicine with DRAP and being manufactured in Pakistan by Claudia Health Care, a drug manufacturing firm based in Islamabad. Minerolyte Vir is available as nebulizer, spray and drop shape equally effective for all ages from newborn baby to an old aged person.

Broader Prospect: – Dr. Jan Alam is a Russian-Pakistani doctor. He has extensive experience of medical research and claimed to be inventor of more than 20 medicines. He is a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and PhD (Pharmacy & Technology of medicine) from Russia. He has served as Vice President at Russian Federation Academy of Medical & Technical Science and Consultant infectious Diseases i.e. Cancer/Chronic Diseases in Moscow, Russia for several years.

He claimed to be an inventor of more than 20 medicines so far. Due to his valuable services in the medical field, he has been granted several awards including World Best Medical Scientist, 2018 & 19. He is also the winner of International Competition World Best Scientists in Pharmacology of the year-2018 UNO Geneva, Switzerland. He is Member of Coordination Council Health Program, Russia.

The MinerolyteVir is a fifth-generation medicine, prepared by advanced nanotechnology, and has the ability to direct action on the target organ of the respiratory system and lungs. The medicine can be administered as nasal drops clear the sinus system and through nebulization for 3-4 times in a day, which clear all infections from respiratory system. The medicine can be used to protect the body parts by spraying e.g. face and hands etc.