PM visit to take Pak-Qatar relations to new heights: Experts

PM visit to take Pak-Qatar relations to new heights: Experts

PESHAWAR: Political and economics experts here termed the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Qatar was highly successful and maintained that it would take bilateral relations between the two brotherly Muslim countries to a new heights of friendship in days to come.

Member National Assembly (MNA), Nasir Khan Musazai told APP that visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Qatar was highly successful significant in the current political and economic scenario of the country besides geo-strategic situation in the region.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan was given very warm welcome at Qatar that spoke his highest popularity in Gulf countries and world.
PTI leader said this visit was extension of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visits to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirate (UAE) to overcome economic crises in the country.

“Saudia Arabia, UAE and Qatar are brotherly Muslim countries and we have very cordial and time-tested relations with it since long,” he said, adding whenever difficult time comes on Pakistan or these countries, we have extended hands of cooperation with each others.
He said bilateral relations with these countries would further strengthen under leadership of PM Imran Khan.

The PTI Leader said people to people contact besides investment opportunities especially in energy, oil, infrastructure and other socio-economic sectors would boost after recent successful visits of PM to these brotherly countries.
Musazai said Qatar visit of the Prime Minister will bring enormous benefits for the national economy besides generating employment opportunities for people.

Senior economist, Professor Dr Muhammad Naeem said Qatar was largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the world and its direct investment in different scoio-economic sectors including oil, gas and petroleum including LNG would carry significant importance for Pakistan.
He said Pakistani community working in Qatar was an asset for the country, because we needed inflow of foreign reserves to improve economy without going to International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Dr Naeem said extra-care should be made in signing of any loans agreement with international monetary organizations as today economic crisis was due to poor economic and financial policies of the previous regimes.
Retired Information Officer, Misal Khan also declared visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Qatar is highly successful and productive for Pakistan.

He said Qatar had played important role in Afghan reconciliation process and both the countries could work together for regional peace and stability imperative for prosperity and development of millions of people.
He said Pakistani community was working tirelessly in Qatar and they were playing a significant role in improving economy of the country.

He also lauded PTI government effective and proactive foreign policy, saying importance of green passport had increased in world after Imran Khan's government was formed in the country.
“KP had successfully meet requirement of ‘Bonn Challenge’ by bringing over 25pc areas of the province under forestry cover after planting over one billion trees during last five years under Billion Trees Afforstration Project,” he said.
He said if PTI government succeeded in construction of five million houses in the country it would be a great achievement besides providing jobs opportunities to hundreds of thousands of people.