A disheartening move by India against Pakistan team for World Cup

A disheartening move by India against Pakistan team for World Cup

Pakistan has been compelled to alter their travel arrangements for the World Cup due to India's ongoing politicization of sports and their refusal to grant visas to the Pakistan squad. This disheartening development was confirmed by PCB. As a direct consequence of the visa delay, Pakistan had to abandon their plans for a "team-bonding trip" to Dubai.

Initially, the Green Shirts had a meticulously planned itinerary that involved departing for Dubai early next week before proceeding to India in preparation for their first warm-up match against New Zealand, scheduled for September 29.

Regrettably, these plans have been disrupted, and the team has now strategized to fly to Dubai first and then proceed to Hyderabad, India, on the following Wednesday. Notably, Pakistan stands as the lone team among the nine participating nations that has yet to secure their visas.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), understandably concerned about the unfolding situation, has taken the prudent step of notifying the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding the visa delay. The ICC World Cup is set to commence on October 5, adding to the urgency of resolving this issue promptly.

Sources close to the matter have revealed that the issuance of visas was originally expected to adhere to the agreed-upon timeline with the regulatory body. To further compound the issue, Indian authorities have remained notably reticent about providing any information regarding visa issuance for the Pakistani team and cricket fans alike.

This unfortunate turn of events casts a shadow over the otherwise highly anticipated ICC World Cup, highlighting the pressing need for sports to remain apolitical and promote fair competition on the global stage. The world watches with bated breath, hoping for a swift resolution to this diplomatic imbroglio that threatens to mar the spirit of the tournament.