CM Shahbaz Sharif confirms arrest of Zainab’s killer

CM Shahbaz Sharif confirms arrest of Zainab’s killer

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif held a press conference today over the issue of the Zainab rape and murder case in Lahore.

He said the murderer of Zainab Ansari has been arrested by the collective effort of law enforcement agencies.

Accompanied by Zainab Ansari’s father, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif held a press conference and formally announced the arrest of the suspected child kiler.

“We have arrested the killer of Zainab Ansari due to untiring efforts of law enforcement agencies,” Shehbaz Sharif said.

He said that DNA test of Ali Imran Ali has been matched with samples collected from all victims.

The chief minister said that polygraph test also verified the findings of DNA that Imran Ali was the killer of Zainab Ansari.

“We are also thankful of Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) for his support for the arrest of the killer.”

The chief minister appealed to Chief Justice of Lahore High Court to try the suspect in an anti-terrorism court (ATC) without any delay. “I understand the pain and agony of Zainab’s parents, but we all must act according to the law of the land..”

“If it was in my hand, I would have hanged this beast publicly to make an example out of it.”

According to police sources, the suspect, Imran Ali, had sexually assaulted and murdered at least eight minor girls, including Zainab Ansari, within a radius of one kilometer in two and a half years.

The suspected serial killer was arrested from Pakpattan after a brief encounter with police.

The DNA test confirmed that he was behind all cases of sexual assault involving minor girls. The suspect, according to the police, also confessed to have raped and killed Zainab Ansari.

Police said that his DNA matched with the samples collected from the victims.

The suspected suspect, who is said to be 23 years old, was familiar with Zainab’s family and would also frequent the minor girl’s house. He is a resident of Kot Road, where Zainab also lived in.

Kasur police spokesperson Sajid Ali said the suspect was arrested overnight and has confessed to the crime.

Meanwhile, the father of the deceased child said he was unaware of the arrest of Imran.

According to him, Zainab’s uncle suspected that Imran was the culprit. He added that Imran was initially arrested soon after the case was reported but he was set free. The family is unaware of his re-arrest.