Nuclear installation security: Pakistan achieves a milestone

Nuclear installation security: Pakistan achieves a milestone

ISLAMABAD - Experts have described the election of Pakistan as member of International Atomic Energy Agency's Board of Governor for another two years as recognition of its important role in the nuclear field.

Talking to BBC, Dr Rizwana Abbasi, who is associated with US East West Institute and Samson Center, said certainly it is an important progress. However, she was of the opinion that it cannot help get membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group.

She said IAEA has appreciated Pakistan's national security culture, but the country will have to make strenuous diplomatic efforts to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

Dr Rizwana Abbasi, who has also remained associated with National Defence University of Pakistan, said after becoming member of IAEA Board of Governors, Pakistan can better project its nuclear security efforts on the international level.

A senior official of a Pakistani nuclear agency told BBC on condition of anonymity that Pakistan's election is a clear evidence of peaceful use of civil nuclear technology in the country.

He said Pakistan has been working with one of the biggest IAEA programs, which is recognition of our efforts for the cause of nuclear safety.

He said our experts are playing an important role in different departments of IAEA.

He said Pakistan is now speedily heading towards a leadership role in matters like security of nuclear installations.

The main role of IAEA is to promote peaceful use of nuclear technology and ensure nuclear safety and security standards of nuclear institutions.