Govt committed to uplift living standard of poor people: PM

Govt committed to uplift living standard of poor people: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan says government is committed to uplift the living standard of poor and downtrodden segments of society by improving governance and ending corruption.

Addressing expatriate Pakistanis in Malaysia on Wednesday, he said incumbent government is working on four areas on priority basis.

Of these, first is to increase the exports for which efforts are afoot in consultation with all stakeholders.

Secondly, he said, the government is also urging the overseas Pakistanis to send their remittances through banking channels.

 He said 10 to 15 billion dollars additionally could be achieved if the formal channels are utilized.

 The Prime Minister said the third priority is to lure foreign investment into the country as it is the main thing for job creation and spurring the economic activity in the country.

He invited the overseas Pakistanis to invest in the home country as part of their national obligation.

 The Prime Minister assured them that government will provide them all out facilities, and also improve ease of doing business by reducing the bureaucratic hurdles.

He said the government will facilitate them in creating wealth so that in return they create jobs and economic prosperity in the country. 

The Prime Minister said stopping the money laundering is main concern of the government as every year 10 billion dollars escapes from the country.

 He said the government will not spare anyone involved in corruption and money laundering.

He said trials will be held against the corrupt elements and they will be put into jails.

The Prime Minister said the state of Medina became a role model for the world because it gave the concept of welfare state to cater for the poorer segments of society.

 He said as part of its vision to emulate the state of Madina, the government has embarked on a path to reduce poverty and bring equality in the society.

 He said the government recently inaugurated shelter homes for homeless people and a comprehensive program on poverty alleviation will be launched this week.

Lauding the services of Pakistani diaspora in Malaysia, the Prime Minister said they are a great asset to the nation. They not only sacrificed their family lives to work hard but also contributed greatly to the home country by sending their valuable remittances.

Imran Khan said the people migrated to other countries from Pakistan due to bad governance in the country for years.

He said in 1960s people from Malaysia would come to Pakistan for higher education, but the situation is reversed today.

He said nations also face roller coaster rides over their lifetime. He said when an institution or nation ameliorates, things improve.

The Prime Minister said Malaysia developed due to good governance despite having limited resources.  He said Malaysia is fortunate to have a great leader like Mahathir bin Mohamad and that is why it enjoys today 220 billion dollars of exports with 30 million population, while Pakistan with a population of 221 million has only exports worth about 25 billion dollars.

He said Pakistan is a country endowed with rich resources. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that no other nation potential like Pakistan and it will be harnessed for best use of the country.  

He appreciated the role of Pakistani embassy officials in arranging meetings with investors, Malaysian government officials and other stakeholders with him and Pakistani delegation. 

Malaysian Investors express interest to invest in Pakistan

Malaysian Investors have expressed their interest to invest in different sectors in Pakistan including education, technology, telecommunication, e-governance and e-commerce and tourism industry.

Talking to Prime Minister Imran Khan in a meeting in Malaysia, they expressed confidence in Pakistan’s market potential noting that the investment policy was one of the most liberal in the region.

The Prime Minister assured them of Government’s full support and stated that Chairman BOI would assure smooth and speedy initiation of the projects.