Pakistan calls for negotiated end to Afghan war


ISLAMABAD - Pakistani envoy called for “unconditional” talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban to bring peace to Afghanistan .

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Afghanistan’s situation, Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan 's ambassador to the UN, said neither side in the conflict can impose a military solution on each other.

The Pakistani envoy called for a negotiated end to the war.

"Neither the Coalition and Kabul, nor the Afghan Taliban , can impose a military solution on each other," she said. "Sixteen years of war, waged by the world's most powerful forces, has not secured a military solution.”

She added: “The promotion of a political settlement and the pursuit of a military solution in Afghanistan are mutually incompatible."

The Pakistani envoy said her country had consistently proposed a political settlement as the most viable course to end the decades of conflict and suffering in Afghanistan .

Ambassador Lodhi also called on the Taliban to leave violence and join the negotiations table and engage in a serious of dialogue for peace.

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