Indian Woman cuts husband into pieces, hid him in suitcase

Indian Woman cuts husband into pieces, hid him in suitcase

A Jhajjar court on Wednesday awarded 30-year jail term to a woman for brutally murdering her husband by cutting him into pieces.

Pooja, 36, had killed her husband Baljeet, 37, on April 24 last year and hid his chopped body parts in a suitcase inside the bedroom and kitchen.

The incident had come to light two days later when Baljeet’s elder brother Kuljeet and sisters Kavita and Bajeeta went to his house to inquire about him.

However, Pooja could not give a satisfactory answer about his whereabouts. The sisters got suspicious after they experienced a foul smell emanating from the bedroom and broke open the door.

On opening a suitcase, they found Baljeet’s headless body parts inside. His chopped hands and legs were found rolled inside a blanket kept under stairs. The severed head was recovered buried under a pit dug in the kitchen.

The police investigation revealed Pooja had an extra-marital affair and her husband had come to know about it, so she killed him to get rid of him.

On Kuljeet’s complaint, the police had booked Pooja and five more men who were often seen with her by Kuljeet for murder.

The court of additional sessions judge HS Dahiya convicted Pooja but acquitted the five men saying only the woman was responsible for the killing.