Why PM Imran Khan has kept interior ministry portfolio with him?

Why PM Imran Khan has kept interior ministry portfolio with him?

*ISLAMABAD - Why Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to keep Interior Ministry portfolio with him?*

*Khan wanted to directly monitor the performance of FIA and money laundering operations after he announced crackdown on the corrupt people across the country. *

While addressing the nation yesterday (August 19), Khan said ‘he has retained the interior ministry portfolio for himself as he personally oversees steps against money laundering and graft.’

The PM said he held the Ministry of Interior with himself, while the Federal Investigation Agency would also work under his supervision among other institutions.

He said the newly-elected government would make sure that criminal cases were solved maximum in one year. Stressing swift justice especially for widows, he said the widows were the most affected of poor judiciary system.

Khan addressed the nation for more than an hour, repeating many of his campaign pledges to build an Islamic welfare state but also touching on issues rarely mentioned by Pakistani prime ministers such as fighting child sex abuse and climate change.

The former cricketer also announced an austerity drive to trim back the trappings of government, such as selling most of the vehicles allotted to the prime minister, cutting down on staff and turning the official residence into a university.

“I will fight the corrupt. Either this country will survive or the corrupt people,” he said.

The most pressing is a looming balance-of-payments crisis, with analysts predicting Pakistan will have to go to the International Monetary Fund for a bailout