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Times of Islamabad (Pvt) Limited is a registered News Agency and a Publisher with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) having the Corporate Universal Identification No. 0099198.

It is the premier English News Agency of Pakistan and a source of authentic national, regional and international news.The idea behind the creation of the Newspaper was to apprise the countrymen with the true and unbiased perspective of the National, Regional and International News in an era of information and disinformation.

The administration of “TheTOI” is managed by a team of dedicated professionals and Researchers comprising of a prestigious “Editorial Board” which work under the stated policy guidelines of the ‘Editor In Chief’.

The News paper focuses on the following aspects exclusively; Defence and Military News; Foreign Policy and Diplomacy; Counter Terrorism and Insurgency; National Security; Politics and International Relations.

The “National News Desk” covers Politics, Economy, Defence and Security matters concerning Pakistan. Developments occurring across Pakistan in its true and unbiased perspective are brought forward for Pakistanis in and outside the country.

The “South Asia News Desk” focus remains on developments happening in the neighbouring states capitals i.e Kabul, New Delhi, etc. and their relations with Pakistan. However the Kashmir cause is an important aspect of the coverage of the South Asian Desk.

The “Middle East News Desk” mainly emphasis on the developments occurring in Middle East with focus on Syrian war, Yemen crisis and the Islamic State ISIS movement. However the Palestine cause is an important aspect of the Middle East coverage.

The “International News Desk” covers the news mainly from London, Washington, Beijing and Moscow. The tense international environment, may it be in South China Sea, Europe, Africa or Ukraine remains the point of focus for our dedicated “Team TheTOI”.

The most important feature of “TheTOI” is its OpEd. The OpEd team consists of illustrious scholars and PhD researchers in the field of Politics and International Relations. The editorials and Articles main focus remains on National Security, Counter Terrorism, International Relations and Foreign Policy.

TheTOI OpEd are considered as one of the most popular amongst its esteemed viewers and audience. A wide variety of opinion articles are contributed by the eminent young Research Scholars who want to make a difference and a positive change in society and Pakistan with their scholarly views.


Patron In Chief:
Makhdoom Bashir Ahmed (late)

Editor In Chief:
Mrs. Makhdoom Bashir Ahmed

Resident Editor (Islamabad):
Mr. Adnan Fazal

Resident Editor (Lahore):
Mr. Shehroz Mukhtar

Resident Editor (Peshawar):
Mr. Khan Mohammad

Resident Editor (Karachi):
Ms. Madiha Imtiaz

Resident Editor (London):
Ms. Sonia Sheikh

150-D PCSIR Staff Society, College Road, Lahore, Pakistan

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