Imran's supporters are realising they have been duped: Reham

Imran's supporters are realising they have been duped: Reham

KARACHI: People who chose to support PTI chief Imran Khan are realising now that they have been fooled, the former cricketer's ex-wife Reham Khan said recently in an interview to an Indian TV channel, reported.

The former news anchor said she did not believe that religion should be used to secure votes regardless of whether it was India or Pakistan. 

"I disapprove of religion being used in any country, whether it is India or Pakistan... I think in 2018, there's no place for that," she added.

Commenting on the upcoming 2018 general elections, Reham said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) politics were at the lowest level in terms of the status quo.

The PTI has awarded tickets to only 15-20 veteran party leaders — visionary ones who have been supporting it for at least 22 years; instead, tickets were given to the newcomers.

"There's hardly any representation of ideological supporters [and] party workers who have been with [Imran Khan] for 22 years, they are nowhere in the candidate list.

"He has picked up all the filth from all the parties... He couldn't find anyone who's been with him for 22 years to give the ticket to," she noted.

With regard to her book, a highly-anticipated autobiography that has caused quite the stir in Pakistani mainstream and social media, Reham said she has put in a lot of hard work but there was no basis for sending any legal notices since it has not even been released yet.

"The book doesn't exist! There's no book at the minute... This is the situation," she said.

She, however, sarcastically remarked that if one wanted to obtain a copy of the book, they could do so by calling Bani Gala.

"I think you need to give a call to Bani Gala because they have one, I hear Nawaz Sharif is also calling them for a copy."