CPEC harbinger of investment, technology to the region: Yao Jing

CPEC harbinger of investment, technology to the region: Yao Jing

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan said China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would bring investment, latest technology and new projects to the region.

Speaking at “One-to-One Interaction Session” of the ambassador of China with the retired Army officers of Pakistan organized by Measac Research Centre here, the Chinese ambassador said Prime Minister Imran Khan, during his visit to China, reiterated his commitment and resolve to sustain all Chinese initiatives particularly CPEC.

He said the joint statement released by the Chinese government on November 6, was a great achievement and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit gave strong message of unflinching Sino-Pak relationship.

He said the leadership of the armed forces of Pakistan had a large share in developing bilateral, strategic and military links with China.

The Pakistani armed forces had rendered huge sacrifices in war on terror to bring peace not only to the region but to the world and they have complete right to tell the world about their success against terrorism.

He said China had special feelings for Pakistan as, “President Xi Jinping remarked that he never used to meet military chiefs of other countries but Pakistan is exceptional due to its unmatched sacrifices and endeavors for security, peace and stability of the region.”

President Xi also appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to bring fundamental reforms in the country, he maintained.

He said CPEC was a unit of overall Pak-China relationship and whatever political leadership prevails in Pakistan it would not have effects over Sino-Pak friendship association.

“We are mainly focusing on special economic zones (SEZs) with joint ventures coupled with enhanced exports and manufacturing capacity and social sector development,” he added.

He said during PM Imran Khan’s visit to China, first SEZ in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province was finalized, whereas a new working group agenda was functioning under CPEC’s social sector development program to uplift less developed areas of Southern Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan.

“We are trying to consolidate our relationship with Pakistan for the last one year, and President Xi during PM Khan’s visit stated that China was Pakistan’s Iron brother and would assist it in all circumstances,” he said.

Director General Measac Abdullah Hamid Gul said it was the first time that such an interaction of a foreign ambassador with top retired Army officers was held. “Pakistan’s future is attached with China and we should foster nation to nation contact,” he added.

He proposed to the ambassador Yao Jing to develop a forum that would write papers to him providing expert and profound opinion over strategic, development and other issues.

Meanwhile, former Pakistan Armed Forces’ officers including former Army Chief Gen (R) Mirza Aslam Baig, Air Chief Marshal (R) Sohail Aman, Lt Gen (R) Amjad Shoaib and others deliberated their earnest opinions over CPEC and its various prospects.