What is Dawn Leaks II

What is Dawn Leaks II

ISLAMABAD: Dawn Newspaper has entered into another self created controversy with the launch of the Dawn Leaks 2.

Ahsan Iqbal has alleged an English daily, Dawn on Monday of promoting fears over China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) through definitive angling in a story published today.

In multiple messages posted on social media, the federal minister contested that the entire story is based on working documents as the final draft was taken up with NRDC on Sunday on the outlines of One Belt One Road (OBOR) summit 2017.

“CDB study referred to as Long Term Plan in Dawn story is factually incorrect,” Iqbal wrote on Twitter.

He reduced the English daily to a mere runner in ‘a race for breaking news.’ According to the minister who currently is visiting China alongside PM Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister (CM) Shehbaz Sharif and CM Pervaiz Khattak among four CMs, it was a “half-cooked” story.

Dawn story titled: “Exclusive: CPEC master plan revealed” claims that the published content is based on details from the original documents laying out the CPEC long term plan that have been publicly disclosed for the first time.

The minister, who plays a pivotal role as far as CPEC is concerned stated that the government could not release the entire plan (LTP) without consultation with the Chinese which is why the story is factually incorrect as it is based on half released documents.

“The plan lays out in detail what Chinese intentions and priorities are in Pakistan for the next decade and a half, details that have not been discussed in public thus far,” the story reads.