Pakistan's conditional offer for India to join CPEC

Pakistan's conditional offer for India to join CPEC


Pakistan has invited India to join the multi billion dollars project China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC.

National Security Adviser (NSA) Lt-Gen (retd) Nasser Khan Janjua on Friday conditioned India’s inclusion in the multibillion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project to the resolution of outstanding dispute on Kashmir.

“If India wants to become part of the corridor, it must first step forward and resolve Kashmir issue,” said Janjua while speaking at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs.

The topic was: ‘Pakistan’s Security Environment and Future Projections’. The adviser also addressed the issues of how we are seen in the world, what is the reality behind it, what are our main security challenges and responses and what are the state’s future projections.

A large gathering of diplomats, foreign policy analysts and media personnel attended the function.

Janjua said: “The world must tell India to do so. The animosity has to go out of the window – for the sake of wellbeing of the people.

“How long do we need to fight and struggle against the other? Before (eyeing) military and economic interest, it must see and address the human interest and resolve the Kashmir dispute.”

The adviser called out for cooperation and not competition, stressing, “The next generation will do it, I hope.”

Going further into his talk, he said, CPEC will provide great connectivity to the world.

While addressing the Balochistan issue, he said there had been a change in heart and mind of the people of Balochistan, because of the power of love.