Reinforcements asked from Kabul to save Kunduz from Taliban onslaught

KABUL: Provincial officials claimed that Taliban intensified offensive to recapture northern Afghanistan city of Kunduz again.


Hundreds of insurgents launched the offensive in at least six districts of Kunduz province.


Sources claimed that heavy gunfire and explosion sound were heard as far as 3 miles from the city.


The offensive was launched just after days of Taliban’s announcement of spring offensive that include suicide bombing, guerilla warfare and large scale attacks.


Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that Taliban has captured six districts in Kunduz and Afghan forces beard heavy loss from bomb blasts.


Kunduz police chief Mohammad Qasim Jangalbagh said “There is heavy fighting going on but the militants have failed to capture any areas and we are pushing them back.”


“We will assure our people that the situation is under control and we will never allow the catastrophe that happened last year,” he added.


Kunduz was captured by Taliban last year.


The insurgent group boosted their campaign after the withdrawal of international troops in 2014.