PM Nawaz Sharif proposes Peshawar-Kabul Motorway: Tariq Fatemi  

PM Nawaz Sharif proposes Peshawar-Kabul Motorway: Tariq Fatemi  

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Syed Tariq Fatemi Monday said India had increased its nuclear activities after signing of nuclear civil deals which added to its rigidity and belligerent approach in the region.

Expressing his utter dismay with such deals, he said the countries, which signed deals with India, had dealt a blow to the regional parity.

Fatemi termed such approach 'utterly selfish and self-centered'.

In a PTV programme, the Special Assistant said Pakistan had already conveyed its serious concerns over such deals.

About Sharbat Gula's issue, an Afghan refugee recently deported from Pakistan for obtaining a national identity card illegally, Fatemi said her case did not fall under the purview of diplomatic norms, rather it was related to Afghan refugees issue and fraudulent practices.

He categorically stated that law would take its course if anyone was involved in fraudulent and illegal activities.

About India's offer of treatment to Gula, Fatemi pointed out that it should also accept Pakistan's offer of treatment for the hundreds of Kashmiris injured by brutal use of pellet guns by the Indian occupation forces in the Occupied Kashmir.

India had stationed its 700,000 army personnel in the IoK to suppress one million inhabitants, who were vying for their right of self-determination, he added.

The Special Assistant reiterated that Pakistan's desire for peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue should not be construed as its weakness.

To a query regarding China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said certain countries were conspiring against the mega project through their state-sponsored operatives and agents.

He said under the Prime Minister's vision for greater connectivity, Gwadar and Chabahar ports would compliment each other.

He said Afghanistan was very close to the heart of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who had already stated that enemies of Afghanistan were their enemies.

The Prime Minister had proposed a motorway from Peshawar to Kabul as part of enhanced connectivity with the Central Asian Republics, he added.

Fatemi also expressed the hope that under Trump's administration US-Pakistan ties would grow further, keeping in view the decades old close bilateral relations.