India-Afghanistan: Is Afghanistan becoming an Indian Colony ?

India-Afghanistan: Is Afghanistan becoming an Indian Colony ?

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army Major Ali Jawad Changezi embraced martyrdom today on Af-Pak Border as a result of unprovoked heavy fire from the Afghan National Army (ANA) at the Torkham Border.


Pakistan Army in an effort to secure the Af-Pak Border in Federally Administrated Tribal Area (FATA) Khyber Agency was constructing a gate inside it's own well established border to check the cross border terrorism.



Afghan firing at Torkham border implies that Afghans are not ready to cooperate with Pakistan in making the border management systems effective for both sides.


It is necessary to make this system stronger to avoid unnecessary interference from both sides. "Making Torkham border more secure and strong will eventually be effective for Pakistan's fight against terrorism".

Afghanistan did not realize that its integrity and existence relies in having the cordial and peaceful relations with Pakistan".


The powerful Afghanistan establishment led by National Directorate of Security (NDS) which has majority of ex. Uzbek and Tajik officer of former Northern Alliance of Afghanistan is considered to be behind such acts.


NDS is without any iota of doubt pro Indian and anti Pakistan. In past NDS has minced no words in declaring Pakistan as the root cause of all terrorism in Afghanistan.


While India has been declared as the friend and saviour of Afghanistan by NDS.


It is pertinent to mention here that Northern Alliance was the powerful Afghanistan group which was backed by India against the Afghan Taliban in 90s who were supported by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


Afghanistan ex. President Hamid Karzai who is an Indian University graduate has a love lost for India. In his long tenure as President of Afghanistan he left no stone unturned to bring Afghanistan in to the fold of Indian policies. He is still the Chief Spokesperson of the Indian policies in Afghanistan.


NDS is also a baby of Ex. President Hamid Karzai.


Afghanistan and India also signed the strategic partnership agreement in 2011 which formalised the strategic relations between the two states. Hamid Karzai is the architect of Indo-Afghan Strategic Partnership also.


Afghanistan Army officers and soldiers are being trained in the Indian military academies and the natural hatred for Pakistan is being inculcated on the very first day in the Afghan Army men minds and souls.


In addition to that National Directorate of Security NDS officers and men are also reportedly trained and equipped from the Indian Intelligence Academies.


Afghanistan Civil Servants are also being trained by the Indian Civil Services Academies and along with that millions of dollars of grant is also being given by the Indian government for the capacity building of the Afghan government officers and men.


India has also pledged $ 2 billions in the last 14 years for different projects in the Afghanistan. Indian steel consortium is also planning to invest billions of dollars in the mineral, mines, iron ore and copper projects in the Afghanistan.


India has also constructed the Afghanistan Parliament building as a token of friendship between governments of India and Afghanistan and recent inauguration of Salma Dam by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Afghanistan is also seen as a gift of India to people of Afghanistan.


However the most worrying aspect in this regard is the penetration of the Indian Armed Forces and Intelligence network in the Afghan intelligence network.


Collaboration between Indian premier Intelligence Agency RAW and the Afghanistan premier Intelligence Agency NDS  has reached to an alarming level. This NDS-RAW nexus did not allow the collaboration between Pakistani Intelligence Agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and the NDS.


The proposed NDS-ISI intelligence sharing and the counter terrorism accord was a step forward to reduce the growing mistrust between Pakistan and Afghanistan. However NDS-RAW nexus was not ready to digest the ISI-NDS accord. Ex. President Hamid Karzai was the chief opponent of the ISI-NDS accord on behest of his Indian masters.


All Afghan policies are seemed to be under Indian influence. It seems like that Afghanistan is turning to be India's colony".



Afghanistan is fully involved in protecting Indian interests in the region while it was harmful for even Afghanistan itself.


Recent exclusion of the India from the Quadrilateral Contact Group (QCG) formed by four countries Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and USA was considered as India as disgrace as it has started to treat Afghanistan as her colony and considered it her right to interfere in the internal matters of Afghanistan.


India has established its strong intelligence network in Afghanistan and Indian consulates in Afghanistan have been irrevocably found in anti Pakistan activities with the blessings of the powerful NDS.


India has followed the Chankiya principal of the foreign policy where by the neighbour is an enemy and the neighbour of the neighbour is the friend. Hence Pakistan being an Indian neighbour is Indian enemy and Afghanistan being neighbour of Pakistan is the friend of India.


Hamid Karzai left no stone unturned to make Afghanistan as an Indian colony in the name of Strategic Partnership. NDS dominated Afghanistan establishment is hell bent upon taking Afghanistan into the Indian lap for their own benefits.


NDS-RAW nexus is taking Afghanistan into chaos for their own interests. With having Pakistan against Afghanistan, peace in Afghanistan will remain a dream.


NDS-RAW nexus has also been involved in promoting ISIS in Afghanistan in order to defeat Afghan Taliban. Irrespective of fact that ISIS in Afghanistan is again going to take Afghanistan into chaos and ultimately people of Afghanistan are going to be the sufferers in this unholy nexus.


Afghanistan establishment led by Hamid Karzai NDS love for India and hatred for Pakistan is taking Afghanistan into yet another chaos.


The price of Afghanistan being made as an Indian Colony would be paid by the Afghan People while Hamid Karzai and lot would continue to play the proxy war in Kabul.