Imran Address to the public in Rawalpindi-Islamabad Rally

Imran Address to the public in Rawalpindi-Islamabad Rally

ISLAMABAD, Aug 14 (APP): Chairman Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf

(PTI) Imran Khan Saturday said his party would defeat the corrupt

mafia with power of the people.

He stated this during one of his numerous speeches along route

of the PTI rally which began from Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi in the


The PTI chief said he saw a new Pakistan which was being

formed and the rally was taken out to awaken people of Pakistan.

"The day is not far off when there will be a new Pakistan."

Imran Khan said National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was

catching little thieves and questioned why it was not taking action

against Nawaz Sharif.

He asked from where Nawaz Sharif earned his billions and

termed him the biggest tax evader of Pakistan

"If we retreated from Panama papers, it will be a loss of

Pakistan and will benefit the corrupt. I will not go back until

Nawaz Sharif is held accountable."

He said mafia and people in power destroyed Pakistan, adding,

"With the power of the people we will defeat this mafia."

He said people should not have any hope from Federal Board of

Revenue (FBR), NAB and Election Commission.

"FBR will not tax the powerful crocodiles."

Present Election Commission could never hold transparent

elections, he added.

Imran said people of Pakistan were ready to defeat corruption

and the wind of change was blowing from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

He said movement of the PTI had reached a crucial phase and it

would go on.

"Instead of responding to our questions, the government wasted

five months. We are seeking answers from Nawaz Sharif for the last

five months."

He warned that Nawaz Sharif should do something before the

rally reached Lahore. "If we came to Lahore, Nawaz Sharif will not

get a chance to leave for Jeddah."

The last destination of the rally was Lahore, he said, "When

we will reach Lahore, then there will no room for Nawaz Sharif."

He said aim of Ehtesab Rally was to strengthen Pakistan and

democracy in the country, adding corruption was destroying

institutions of the country.

Imran said, "We have to make a pledge that we will foil

conspiracies of the enemy."

Imran said, "Our children are not getting education because of

a small section of population which takes away money abroad," he


Half of the population of the country was living in poverty

and half of the youth was malnourished and had stunted growth, he


He said Nawaz Sharif was king of corruption and has 13 cases

against him in NAB.

People are not investing in Pakistan due to corruption, he


Talking about terrorism in the country, he mentioned the

sacrifices rendered by armed forces in the fight against terrorism.

He vowed to eradicate terrorism from the country.

Imran Khan along with PTI leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi and

Jehangir Tareen travelled on "Azadi container" especially designed

for the rally.

The supporters and workers of PTI in the rally, were carrying

party flags, raising slogans and dancing to the tune of party songs.

The rally moving at a snail's pace reached Faisal Avenue at

midnight and concluded after the final address of the PTI chief.