Khursheed Shah responds to Asifa Bhutto remarks

Khursheed Shah responds to Asifa Bhutto remarks

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in National Assembly Khursheed Shah came under extreme criticism over his remarks about women in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

PPP leader Asifa Bhutto had asked Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah to apologise over his controversial remarks in the National Assembly.

Responding to Aseefa Bhutto’s angry Twitter outburst, National Assembly (NA) Opposition Leader Syed Khursheed Shah on Thursday said that his comments regarding women parliamentarians were blown out of proportion.

In a series of tweets, Aseefa Bhutto Zardari expressed her anger on Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah’s statement regarding women parliamentarians.

Aseefa said that insensitive remarks against women in politics have reoccurred in parliament. “Such remarks should not be tolerated. Hope Khursheed Shah respectfully apologises,” she stated.

“Parliament is a model of our society and if the parliament continues to make derogatory remarks against women. It reflects on us,” Aseefa stated.