ANF foil heroin smuggling bid at Lahore Air Port

ANF foil heroin smuggling bid at Lahore Air Port

LAHORE: ANF foiled an attempt to smuggle at least two kgs of heroin, worth millions of rupees to Saudia Arabia, at Allama Iqbal International Airport.

ANF stopped a Sargodha native, Naeem Maseeh, from boarding flight, after a thorough inspection heroin capsules were found from him hidden under orange peels. 

He was immediately taken into custody the personnel. For further investigation, the suspect will be hand over to ANF Punjab.

In January, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) recovered 815 grams of contraband from a passenger at Bacha Khan Airport. The passenger was caught carrying crystal meth also known as ice which was seized by the officials.It has not yet been revealed where the passenger was headed.

Meanwhile, Airport Security Forces in Rawalpindi confiscated at least one kg heroine hidden on a wheelchair by a passenger travelling to Uganda from PK-615, for further investigation, the suspect has been shifted to ASF headquarters.

Earlier, Airport Security Force (ASF) foiled a plan to smuggle heroin from Islamabad to Saudi Arabia.