President Ashraf Ghani unveils new strategy to fight terror

President Ashraf Ghani unveils new strategy to fight terror

KABUL - President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has instructed the security forces to change their approach from defensive to offensive in a bid to create a momentum in defeating the terror groups and pave the way for the implementation of the development strategies.

Speaking during a gathering for the inauguration of the Qaisar-Laman ring road in Badghis province, President Ghani said the instructions to the security institutions are clear, a defense approach would not enough.

He said the upcoming year should be turned into a year of development, apparently gesturing towards the offensive approach needed against the militants to suppress their insurgency and increase development efforts.

In regards to the importance of Qaisar-Laman ring road, President Ghani said connecting Afghanistan to the economic hubs would not be possible without the ring roads, insisting that economy plays a key role for the unity of the nation.

President Ghani further added that Badghis plays a key role as the Silk Route passes through province and the construction of railway network has also been considered for Badghis apart from the construction of the ring road.

The contract for the Phases 1 and 2 of Qaisar-Laman ring road project was approved during a meeting of the national procurement commission chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani nearly three months ago.