Mashaal Malik speaks for the rights of Kashmiris

Mashaal Malik speaks for the rights of Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD: Wife of a Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik, Mushaal Hussein Mullick on Sunday demanded from the world powers to play their due role in resolving the long-standing Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions and stop genocide of Kashmiris.

“Viewing circumstances of Palestine and Kashmir, Human Rights Day holds no importance,” she said in a statement on international Human Rights Day, that is annually observed around the globe on December 10.

She slammed US President Donald Trump’s controversial move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and said it will ruin peace of the world.

Mushaal asked who would protect Kashmiris and Palestinians from the atrocities inflicted upon them.

“We want our identity. Situation in Kashmir is deteriorating. If the United Nations has failed, it should tell us,” she said.

She said around 50,000 people had been arrested after death of freedom fighter Burhan Wani in Indian-held Kashmir.

The wife of Yasin Malik also said she could not go back her home in Indian occupied Kashmir as the Indian government was not giving her visa.

She said Yasin Malik had been arrested and his mother was assaulted at home.