Retired Bureaucrats can become CEC and  members ECP 

Retired Bureaucrats can become CEC and  members ECP 

ISLAMABAD: Electoral Reforms Committee has given approval to change the eligibility and mechanism to appoint Chief election commissioner and  ECP members.

As per details, Electoral Reforms Committee meeting was held here today under the chairmanship of finance minister Ishaq Dar to discuss the mechanism to appoint ECP Chief and its members.

After the approval of Electoral Reforms Committee now technocrats and retired government officers would also be appointed as Chief election commissioner and its members.

During the meeting, Law minister Zahid Hamid informed meeting that two members of election commission would remain on their position for two and half years while remaining members would complete their five years tenure.

Senior member of ECP would be appointed as Acting Chief Election Commissioner instead of Supreme Court judge.

Seven amendments would be made in constitution for the appointment of Chief Election Commissioner and its members.

Minimum age for the appointment of chief election commissioner would be suggested 68 years while ECP members minimum ages would set 65 years.

It would be compulsory to appoint chief election commissioner and its members within 45 days after the vacantion of seats.