Japanese envoy praises relations with Turkey

Japanese envoy praises relations with Turkey

ANKARA: Japan’s ambassador to Ankara said Turkey and Japan are important strategic partners in the region.

Speaking at the opening of the Japan-Turkey joint seminar titled "Change in the global order: Actors, regions and issues" in the Turkish capital, Akio Miyajima praised the historic relations, stating that the two countries are important strategic partners which help each other.

"We are and will be very important strategic partners in the efforts of peace and prosperity, bilaterally, regionally and in global," he said.
Emphasizing that the gravity of world economy has been shifting to the Asian region since the 1980s, Miyajima said for the prosperity of Turkey, it "must double its efforts to engage and connect with Asia."

"Japan aims peace, stability and prosperity across the vast areas between Asian and African countries by promoting fundamental values such as democracy and the rule of law, including connectivity and providing capacity building assistance through free and opening door [in the] Pacific," he said.
Miyajima added that he is looking forward to inputs for a cooperation between Japan and Turkey on this strategy during the panels.

Recalling the official visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to Japan on November 4-6, Miyajima said that important meetings were held in terms of Turkish-Japanese relations.
Also speaking at the opening, Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran praised the historic cooperation between the two countries.

Underlining the importance of Asia in the global world, Kiran said that the rapid development of Asian economies was considered one of the most impressive developments in the world economic history.
He said there were 227 Japanese companies operating in Turkey and they aim to increase this number.
Pointing to the increasing instability in the global world, Kiran added: "We need more stability and reliability than ever in the global world."

He went on to say that there are global challenges such as terrorism, radicalism, illegal migration, inequality, humanitarian crisis which are "serious concerns".
"Peace and prosperity in developed parts of the world is not sustainable when the rest of humanity is suffering from hunger and poverty," he added.

The seminar is held for the fifth time since 2014, with the participation of prominent Japanese and Turkish scholars. The events are organized by TOBB University of Economics and Technology in cooperation with the Japanese Embassy in Ankara to enhance dialogue on global issues.