"Holi" Hindu festival to be observed in Pakistan

HYDERABAD: (APP) The Hindu community of Pakistan will observe their relgious festival of "Holi" on March 12 by splashing colours at each other, singing hymns and offering special prayers for the prosperity of Pakistan and its minorities.

Like other parts of the country in Hyderabad the Holi will be celebrated at Grupat Temple at Sirighat. Several prominent political and social personalities will have to attend the celebrations of the religous festival, amidst strict security.

On the occasion they will meet with their friends and play with the colours. Hindus usually gather in temples and celebrate the Holi the temples and their areas.

The religious festivities at Grupat Temple will be started with Puja Paat followed by the traditional Holi, an extravaganza of colours. The festivities included the lighting of small fires. Then the participants will have to paint each other with colours followed by the distribution of "Parsad". The ceremonies will conclude after the prayers.

Members of the Hidu Panchayet Association Advocate Parkash, Advocate Jagdesh, former MPA Eashwar Lal, Dr. Sri Chand, Shankar Lal and others told APP that prayers for prosperity of Pakistan would be offered in all temples on Holi.

They said that our Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had provided the maximum facilities possible to all minorities and planned to restore almost all religious sites of the minorities in the country.