Pakistan tops the list of countries most influenced by China, reveals latest report

Pakistan tops the list of countries most influenced by China, reveals latest report

China in the World Network Thursday issued a report stating that Pakistan topped the China Index of People’s Republic of China (PRC) influence.

China Index is an initiative to measure and compare the People’s Republic of China (PRC)’s global influence launching in 82 countries.

Pakistan topped the overall rankings in the China index in which the rankings are determined by summing graded responses to 99 Indicators, each of which observes a single discreet instance of PRC influence.

These Indicators are devised by the Index Committee of experts in PRC influence tactics, and split equally across nine Domains which are Media, Academia, Economy, Society, Military, Technology, Law Enforcement, Local Politics, and Foreign Policy.

The China Index 2022 is the first research initiative to measure and compare PRC influence overseas which allows academics, civil society advocates, media, and policymakers to better understand related issues and conduct comparative analysis across different countries and regions.

Pakistan came on the top with a score of 242 from 380 with the most influenced domains being technology, Foreign Policy and Military.

Cambodia came on number two in this Ranking while Singapore came third with the most influenced domains of Law Enforcement, Military, Foreign Policy and technology, academia and economy respectively.

China Index’s regional partner for Pakistan, Shahzeb Jillani, noted that the Index provides an opportunity for Pakistanis to assess how Beijing’s footprint and influence has expanded. He said, “Many in Pakistan may be surprised that of the 80+ countries in the Index, their country came on top and one can only hope that this will encourage Pakistanis to debate the pros and cons of the relationship and what it could mean for the future.”

Pakistan emerged as the frontrunner in what the China Index research lead and Doublethink Lab Chairman refers to as the “Dependence cluster” of PRC influence comprising the Economy, Technology and Domestic Politics Domains. Pakistan also places first under an ultimate “Rulemaking cluster” of influence in the Military, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy Domains.

Germany was the highest ranking European country in the list and emerged in 6th position in the Ideology cluster. “Completing the Index responses made clear there is an urgent need to know more about what the Chinese Communist Party is doing in Germany,” added Newsweek’s Berlin-based International Affairs Correspondent focusing on China.

China Index’s local expert for Germany. “This is a matter of concern as it touches directly on Germany’s sovereignty and ability to manage its interests, including the democratic system. We are in a fluid moment where perceptions are changing.”

The United Kingdom was the second-highest ranking geography in the European region, in 27th position overall. It was stated that the results shows that local level engagement is a bigger feature of UK-Chinese relations than typically thought.

“The UK’s underlying exposure to PRC influence is spread widely rather than focused on one or two metrics where it is exceptionally high and the findings suggest that local level linkages play an important role in the wider relationship. We believe such links became far more” said Index Research partner for UK.