New world records made in cycling during 2nd Pakistan Coast Guards     

New world records made in cycling during 2nd Pakistan Coast Guards     

KARACHI: (APP) Guys belong to Karachi made new world records in cycling during the 2nd Pakistan Coast Guards Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Narcotics Tour De Balochistan Makran Coastal Highway 550 Kilometers Cycle Race 2016 from Karachi to Gwadar (PCGCR) to pay homage to the personnel and officers of Pakistan Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Rangers, Frontier Constabulary, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and many others who embraced martyrdom for defending their mother land.

Under the aegis and support of Pakistan Army's Southern Command the three phases PCGCR was organized by Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) with the cooperation of Pakistan Adventure Cycling Federation (PACF) and Pakistan Sportsmen Lions Club International (PSMLCI) from 29th September to 1st October 2016 but once again, suspiciously, deliberately and calculatingly neither the PCG nor PACF or PSMLCI invited the officials deputed for this work worldwide allegedly, nevertheless, to neglect all ‘conflicts', compulsory facilities, weather variations and mandatory requirements of the race, Muhammad Irfan, 24, son of Soleh Muhammad of Orangi Town, Kashif Bashir, 30, son of Bashir Ahmed of Model Colony and Muhammad Yaseen, 25, son of Muhammad Usman of Lyari got first, second and third positions respectively out of 26 cyclists.

International cycling experts claimed that one the most famous and biggest cycling event of the world "Tour de France" made up of 21 stages and covers a total distance of 3,519 kilometers which is consisted on 9 flat stages, one hilly stage, 9 mountain stages including 4 summit finishes, 2 individual time trial stages and 2 rest days but the organizers of PCGCR did not provide any diet or drink to cyclists like isotonic sports drink, carbohydrate energy gels, jellied sweets, bananas, cereal bar or carbohydrate based energy bar (low fibred) and most of the cyclists had been demanded for diet and drink continuously even no proper drinking water or energy drink was available during the whole race.

First phase of the race of 250km distance was started from the Zero Point of Uthal (Balochistan) at about 8:45am on 29th September and finished at Ormara, 26 cyclist were participants those paddled their cycles without any obligatory and desirable facilities, the track was very difficult because 19 most highest ramps and slopes were faced by them while, hundreds of mountains were also covered at main Costal Highway with or without high and low oxygen but during the whole track neither cyclists were entertained by organizers properly nor any guideline was given to them, all 18 journalists of different media groups in three dissimilar vehicles including an Outside Broadcasting (OB) and a Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) van covered the rally during the whole day in nastiest conditions without any diet or drink which was promised by PCG, during the rally, when journalists asked cyclists about their on-track experience, most of them did not reply except demanding of drinking water, they said: "we are hungry and thirsty, did not take any diet or drink since morning and paddling before you during last many hours.

"Journalists had the same condition that why they could not help them hence, the officials and the organizers enjoyed delicious diets and drinks during the whole rally and at last the first phase of rally finished at Ormara but neither the PCG officials nor the PACF or PSMLCI organizers provide the result of winners, they all were either remained busy in fighting or seem hard to get their benefits as supposed among them.

Second phase of rally started at around 8am from the starting line of Ormara, main Coastal Highway on 30 September and finished at ending point at Pasni while, the third and final round began from Ormara and ended outside the fixed point at Gwadar but neither the journalists those were on PCG disposal covered these two phases on-track nor any other alternate arrangements were made for them and because of this issue they could not updated their media houses in time, and in the mean time the conflicts and quarrels increased too much between PCG officials and organizers while the rumors have been captured the whole scenario that's why journalists tried to keep them safe and sound for any blame or incriminate hence, on the other hand the enjoyment of officials remained in full swing.

Journalists were neither provided any internet, computer, fax or email nor any other facility was available even the mobile phones signals were accessible during the entire epoch.

The prize distribution ceremony held at Baba Bazinjo Stadium on 1st October 2016 at around 12 noon where PCG personnel performed different items and during their performance the cyclists along with their Chief Organizer Malik Kalim Ahmed Awan entered in stadium as they prepared earlier after the end of their race accordingly.

General people say that the event of PCGCR is more than enough to understand the civil military relations, conflicts of different cycling federations, variances between PCG officials and organizers, CPEC theme, because each and every thing has already been exposed even for a child that why Balochis are not with others', what they want, why they behave like they did during the whole segment of their most favorite cycling after football and boxing games, who created this situation and who are responsible for that whereas, the aggrieved people of Balochistan has completely different opinion rather than general public, they are more aggressive, angry and ambitious because of so many reasons which they are facing since the emergence of Pakistan.

An alarming, upsetting and severely situation was also noted that neither none of one Balochi publicized any attention in entire event from the whole province of Balochistan nor except a single elected representative including Provincial Chief Minister, Sports Minister or any MNA or MPA contributed even weighted to PCGCR, on the other hand the PCG's PRO remained missing for journalists during the entire event but disbelievingly he was very close to all his companions and bosses which creates more qualms but in present scenario of country's boundaries, it would be better not to write any word which is as accurate as journalistic ethics  but against the security and safety of Pakistan so, it keeps on credit.