Pakistan may buy Russian S - 400 Missile Defence System: Report

Pakistan may buy Russian S - 400 Missile Defence System: Report

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is ready to buy more military equipment from Russia depending on the Pakistani military’s experience with the helicopters.

The deal came three years after Russia officially lifted an arms embargo against Pakistan, which had been in place since the Soviet-Afghan War.

The rocky US-Pakistan relationship over the past years has seen Washington time and again threatening to cut Islamabad’s military aid over its support for some terror groups, pushing the traditional US ally in the region towards Moscow.

Pakistan’s growing interest in Russian technology became more apparent earlier this year, when reports pointed to Islamabad’s willingness to purchase Russian S-400 missile defense systems, among other items.

“Russia has good tanks, helicopters, electronic equipment, air defense systems that Pakistan may consider. The S-400 is a big ticket number and it will all depend on our budget,” an unnamed Pakistani military official told Russian state media in February.

India’s burgeoning military cooperation with the US has also played a role in Pakistan’s tilt towards Russia.

As Pakistan’s arch-rival, India has made a $2 billion deal with the US to buy 22 unarmed drones. Washington has also agreed to sell C130J Super Hercules and the C-17 Globemasters transport planes as well as the Boeing P-8 Poseidon spy aircraft to New Delhi.

The cooperation is expected to speed up under US President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly accused Pakistan of harboring terrorists.