PAF raid inside Afghanistan: Foreign Office responds to Afghan officials

PAF raid inside Afghanistan: Foreign Office responds to Afghan officials

*ISLAMABAD: *Pakistan on Thursday rejected the allegations claiming Pakistan Air Force (PAF) violated Afghanistan’s airspace and conducted air raids inside its territory.

Foreign Office spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said, “Pakistan rejected the baseless Afghan allegations of violation of its airspace and air raids inside Afghan territory by Pakistan Air Force.”

Faisal added that the Pakistani security forces were undertaking counter-terrorism operations in Bajaur Agency to act against terrorist groups, adding that the extremists attacked Pakistan from their sanctuaries based on Afghan soil.

“Information about the ongoing counter-terrorism operations is shared with the Afghan security forces on a regular basis.”

The office of foreign affairs suggested that Afghan government should refrain from the blame game. Pakistan urged the neighbouring country to focus on effective counter-terrorism actions like plugging of large gaps along the Afghan side of the shared border.

Moreover, the spokesperson stated that Pakistan shared details of the operations with the Afghan side in the bilateral meeting of Director Generals of Military Operations (DGMOs) held in Rawalpindi on Thursday. All the operations conducted by the PAF were on the Pakistani side of the border, Faisal maintained.

Earlier on Thursday, ahead of the PM Abbasi’s planned visit to Kabul, the Afghan foreign ministry accused the PAF of violating the country’s airspace and bombing its border areas, adding that the ‘attacks’ had not caused any casualties.