Pakistan launches another positive diplomatic initiative at OIC

Pakistan launches another positive diplomatic initiative at OIC

JEDDAH — Pakistan's newly-appointed Permanent Representative to OIC and other international organizations, Ambassador Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, presented his credentials to OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousaf Bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen, at the organization’s headquarters here on Wednesday.

Presentation of the credentials by Ambassador Sheikh marked the establishment of Pakistan's dedicated Permanent Mission to OIC and other international organizations, Pakistan Consulate General in Jeddah said in a press statement. Earlier, ambassadors of Pakistan in Riyadh used to represent the country at the OIC.

Pakistan’s decision to establish its Permanent Mission to OIC comes in pursuance of the organization’s various resolutions and pronouncements, which encouraged the member states to set up their permanent missions in Jeddah to handle their dealings with the OIC more efficiently.

The establishment of the new mission, coinciding with the golden jubilee of the OIC, is based on a system-wide approach reflecting Pakistan’s intent to deepen and strengthen its engagement with OIC as well as specialized and subsidiary institutions that form part of the broader OIC system.

As a founding member, Pakistan attaches great importance to the OIC, which apart from lending an institutional expression to the pan-Islamic sentiments is the second largest intergovernmental organization after the UN. Amongst its other contributions, the OIC has maintained an impressive record of consistent support to the Kashmir cause. Pakistan also remains one of the largest beneficiaries of the financial assistance offered by the Islamic Development Bank group — being a specialized organ in the OIC system.

The establishment of Pakistan's Permanent Mission to OIC in Jeddah is geared to enhancing Pakistan’s footprint in the organization and forging a mutually beneficial, multifaceted relationship with the larger OIC system.