Virender Sehwag made stunning remarks about Pakistani cricket team

Virender Sehwag made stunning remarks about Pakistani cricket team

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag, renowned for his provocative statements, left fans puzzled with his comments regarding the Pakistan team's ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 campaign.

During an interview with a cricketing website, Sehwag expressed that the upcoming World Cup would be more captivating if there were some unexpected outcomes. He specifically mentioned his hopes for Afghanistan to defeat Pakistan in a match scheduled for October 23rd in Chennai.

He stated, "It would be exciting to witness this World Cup if there were results that defied expectations. However, I'd prefer not to see India face any surprises. If there were to be an upset, it should be along the lines of Afghanistan defeating Pakistan, or New Zealand besting Australia, or South Africa triumphing over England."

Furthermore, Sehwag expressed his optimism that India would maintain its flawless record against Pakistan in the 50-over world championships, with a crucial match set for October 14th in Ahmedabad.

He remarked, "India's historical performance against Pakistan, especially in ODI World Cups, has been remarkable. We haven't lost a single match to them so far, and I sincerely hope we can uphold this record. While Pakistan has a strong team, we've outperformed them in the Asia Cup. I'd love for this record to remain intact, especially when our team takes the field in Ahmedabad to face Pakistan. Anticipating a crowd of 100,000 spectators adds its own pressure to the situation."

Virender Sehwag, a highly decorated Indian cricketer, boasts a remarkable career with 374 international appearances across all three formats (Test, ODI, and T20I), accumulating 17,253 runs and taking 136 wickets.