Maryam Nawaz says Nawaz Sharif should not compromise

Maryam Nawaz says Nawaz Sharif should not compromise

ISLAMABAD - While speaking on Geo News programme Aapas Ki Baat on Wednesday, she said since the disqualification of Nawaz failed to achieve its purpose, the narrative surrounding plus and minus formulas have emerged. 

Speaking about voters, she said: “a man on the street knows more than you do, more than I do. The nation knows everything.”

Maryam was also asked to comment on who she thinks is behind the so-called conspiracy against Nawaz, to which she responded: “I leave the thought with you and the people of Pakistan.”

Commenting on Nisar asking the party members to refrain from criticism, she said that she understands that Nisar made the remarks in sympathy with the party.

However, she said that she doesn’t understand the dynamics of getting justice in the country. “If you criticise, then you won’t get justice, but if you don’t criticise then you will get justice?”

“What is the standard of justice,” she asked. “Our point of view is that there lies anger on the other side and the verdict [disqualification of Nawaz] was announced in haste.”

Just because the names appeared on the Panama case it didn’t mean that those people were “necessarily involved in corruption or any wrongdoing.”Maryam claimed that “Panama case was not about corruption, money laundering or misuse of power.”

If there is no wrongdoing, no misuse of authority then no one has the right to raise these issues, she said.

However, this was used as a basis to bring humiliation to Sharif family. “We were asked private questions such as ‘why does daughter live with her father? Why did a father give gifts to his daughter? Why did a son give money to his father?”

We were also openly labelled to be “don”, “Sicilian mafia” and “Godfather”. Everyone saw the murder of justice in the court, she added.

Speaking about cases against her, she claimed that she was targetted because she stood in between of the attacks launched against Nawaz Sharif.

"I was also targetted in the Dawn Leaks. One of the central characters who invovled me in Dawn Leaks has met his fate," she remarked.  

Nawaz Sharif compromised on many things for the sake of country’s progress, she said, adding “he doesn’t want the system to be harmed.”

"Personally speaking I think, Mian sahab should not have compromised," she remarked. "He should have put his foot down."

However, Nawaz’s willingness to compromise was “seen as a weakness” and external forces tried to use this against him.

On the options available to Nawaz in the current political scenario, Maryam shared: “Mian sahab has all the options. He doesn’t even require National Reconciliation Ordinance.”