Foreign entrepreneurs keen to invest in Pakistan: PM

Foreign entrepreneurs keen to invest in Pakistan: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan says foreign investors have shown growing interest to invest in Pakistan due to immense market potential of the country and improved governance.

Addressing members of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lahore, the Prime Minister said mammoth international brands have started investing in the country due to increased confidence in government's policies.

He said Japanese automaker Suzuki is going to invest 450 million dollars, while beverage brands Pepsi  800 and Coca Cola 500 million dollars into the country.

He said the return of Exxonmobil to the country after a lapse of 27 years is a testament to the fact that Pakistan is an attractive destination for foreign capital.

The Prime Minister said a Chinese automaker Foton JW in a joint venture with a Pakistani company will set up a complete vehicle manufacturing plant with an investment millions of dollars.

Imran Khan said Pakistani businessmen can exploit many opportunities globally to increase their exports.

In this regard, he referred to 2000 million dollar Halal industry in which Pakistani businessmen can contribute by exporting the halal meat products worldwide.

He said the government is giving all out facilities to exporters for increasing the exports of the country.

The Prime Minister said the existing foreign remittances are to the tune of 20 billion dollars at present and can be enhanced to 30 billion dollars by giving more incentives.

The Prime Minister said we are establishing a special office to facilitate Ease of Doing Business for investors.

Imran Khan said money laundering is causing a loss of 10 billion dollars to the country annually. He said we are bringing legislation next week to initiate a major clampdown against this menace.

The Prime Minister said more than 120 million youth in this country are an asset for us and the world sees them a big market for their products as well as recruiting ground for employment opportunities. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the Punjab government to spare no effort for the welfare of common man.

He was talking to the provincial cabinet members in Lahore on Saturday.

The Prime Minister regretted that the welfare of common man was never given due consideration in the past and we have to look after them in order to lay the foundation of a welfare state on the pattern of State of Madina.   

Imran Khan stressed for bringing change in governance mindset across the country in general and particularly in Punjab. He also gave special directions to the Punjab cabinet members for poverty alleviation, bringing improvement in health sector, provision of employment and extending assistance to the farmers.

Imran Khan also took notice of recent hike in prices of essential commodities and directed the provincial cabinet members to take strict action against the responsible persons after taking into account the reasons behind the hike.