Imran Khan gets the majority number (138/272) in National Assembly: Report

Imran Khan gets the majority number (138/272) in National Assembly: Report

*ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has achieved the ‘magic number’ of 138 out of 272 to form the government in the center and have its choice of prime minister elected.*

It made this number after working the crowd of independents. It also did some hard work on getting the support of other political parties.

The PML-Q, the MQM, the Balochistan Awami Party and the Grand Democratic Alliance are backing the PTI in the National Assembly.

Any political party needs 137 members in Parliament’s lower house to have a simple majority so that it can elect a prime minister and form the federal government.

The PTI won 121 out of 272 National Assembly seats in July 25 general election. It had to bump the figure up to 138.

The Imran Khan-led party also aims to form the government in KP and Punjab.

Imran Khan has been continuously consulting his party leaders, as more independent elected representatives announced on Wednesday that they were joining the PTI.

The PTI is eyeing the chief minister’s slot in Punjab where it has won 123 out of 371 assembly seats.

At least 149 seats are needed for it to form the government in the Punjab.

The PTI is being backed by the PML-Q and independents here. People say the party has gained the support of 147 lawmakers here.

Twenty-four out of 29 independents in Punjab have so far joined the PTI, so it says it doesn’t need the support of the PPP or PML-N in the province.