A Pir predicted to Imran Khan many years ago, You will become PM of Pakistan but assassinated" reveals Indian host

A Pir predicted to Imran Khan many years ago, You will become PM of Pakistan but assassinated

ISLAMABAD - As Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan is set to take oath as prime minister of Pakistan on August 11, a rather chilling tweet by Indian TV host Simi Garewal got the attention of PTI workers and followers on social media.

In the, now deleted, tweet Garewal wrote: “#ImranKhan I am deeply ambivalent about the victory. It is a poisoned chalice! Many years ago @ImranKhanPTI told me that a pir had predicted he will become PM of Pakistan-and will be assassinated-Seems Imran wanted it..despite the cost. It’s sad.

The social media reacted to the tweet as one wrote: “@ImranKhanPTI link, your life, your presence is precious and your security is and must be yours, your party’s first, top most priority. Don’t repeat the mistake that B.B did and what cost Pakistan paid should not be forgotten. If u love ur country, love urself 1st!”

Another Imran Khan fan wrote: “If life was like “IN TIME” movie I would give all my life to @ImranKhanPTI link until the last second. Your tweet was so depressing. Thanks for deleting it.”

Thanking Garewal for deleting the tweet, one wrote: “@Simi_Garewal link Thanks for deleting that depressing tweet Maam, you have no idea how much Imran Khan means to us, we are even willing to give our life away for him and to protect him. May God bless Imran Khan and keep him safe.”

Another wrote: “U have no idea how much worried I am after seeing the tweet of Simi.

For God’s sake Imran, have some security with you. Pakistan cant afford to lose you. May Allah protect you.”